Integrated Energy work

Integrated Energy work (I.E.W) is the blending of Shiatsu touch therapy, Reiki and Field therapies developed through my work with other therapists. Its extremely gentle and works with patterns thought the body thatare usually contacted through the Sacrum, heart area and head. It works with all forms of pain and discomfort, physical emotional or spiritual.

Most of the work i do with this therapy is with those with trauma patterns or those who wish to unblock a stuckness in their lives, i work a lot with women with sessions focusing on childbirth, abuse etc. however this is also very good for men to explore aswell.

 I must stress if you are suffering with pain or other symptoms I advise you to be checked by your doctor first and advise them your thinking of using Complementary therapies. 

I.E.W is performed in a quiet, warm room on a futon/massage table or chair with the client fully clothed. The initial session takes 1 1/2 hours and includes a consultation. Further sessions take approximately 1 hour. 

Most of my clients come back regularly as a wellbeing support, some come along for short periods as a support or to impliment changes ti life, 30 minutes every other week works well if there is a specific issue to be dealt with then dropping to an hour or half an hour at monthly intervals at a later date. 

My prices are done in 2 ways as some people struggle to find extra money for sessions or need a spell of frequent ones to really solidify change so , initial hour sessions are always £40 as they can take up to an hour and a half therafter you can coose between £30 or £40 sessions, a £30 sessions is 60 mins including check in and leaving so you get about 50 mins on the mat £40 sessions have a longer check in and time to come back to yourse;f, water and a post session check in. half hour sessions are available at £15 and £20 with the same terms.

Please call if you have any questions